The gravity was there as if you didn't know as We got deeper into quarantine isolation social distancing we were spending. An awful lot more time online and as such social media has been on fire not. Just in the attendance sense more along the lines of in the dumpster sense which i'm sure you've seen fire racism has been out in full swing in the last place that i expected to see it and that was the goth scene people running the gamut from comments to scoffing at black lives matter to flat out saying.

That anyone above a three on the fitzpatrick scale has no place in the goth scene and for those of you don't know the fitzpatrick scale is a number scale from one to six that basically measures a person's reaction to the sun and one being anybody who steps out into the sun and within 12 seconds turns into a human lobster and then six being black there's a ridiculous concept but threads were shut down fights broke out feelings were hurt and seeds were planted and some of the knock-on effects of these things are people of color feeling unwelcome and unwanted in the scene that they know and love impressionable young baby bats seeing this behavior and potentially emulating it then you have obviously the friction intention that arises as a result of all this discourse and then you have the non-goth people of color who are already on the fence of the lifestyle of their both people of color friends or family and say see i told you goth is something that weird white people do and they don't even want you anyway no no no no goth was founded by white people and black people and asian and latino hispanic side by side they built the scene together from the very beginning and as it was back then to this very day people of color remain very much involved and very much.


A huge part of the subculture unlike these bigoted colon burgers that are carrying out this racist behavior in the first place and the irony of that is that they're about as goth as a labradoodle they're the oh goth was invented by Victorians because it's pale and scary types and they would not know a goth band if one rang their doorbell and punched them in the nose all right i'm gonna get comfy because i'm taking it back we're going back a little bit further going back to junior high school so everything you knew you either knew from your peers who only really got things from their parents MTV and the radio and i thought in my head.

That people cultures were separated culturally by music and what i mean by that is that white people you either listen to country rock rap r b um Hispanic you listen to a lot of latin music and if you were black you listened to rap and r absolutely and it was weird because the white people were like the queen on the chessboard they can go in any direction but i know from personal experience because you know having black friends spanish friends um white friends that there was a lot of music that they just didn't like didn't get well people are separated culturally by music 1994 you'd expect from a 14 year old everything.

I knew up until that point in my life i learned from tv my peers or my parents anything beyond the knowledge that i'd accumulated at that point would be uncharted territory and that's exactly where i was headed on the drive before entering through those doors i had no idea what to expect because i had nothing to compare it to now the only thing i knew is the way dawn dressed the way her friends dressed and the little bit of music that they showed me which is basically.


The cure and nine-inch nails let me give you a little background on this place it is located in an industrial park it's huge it's basically it's a conglomerate of several warehouses kind of put together to create several different rooms.

I knew nothing of the alternative scene I knew nothing of any subcultures within i didn't know goth or its history i didn't know hardcore I didn't know Scott i didn't know metal i knew a little bit about punk because my mother was punk my father punched a Ramone so i just had kind of like the base knowledge but everything else i didn't know what to expect so despite going in there with no preconceived notions or expectations as it turns out i had won all along subconsciously that i was completely unaware of i realized it when i walked into the main room and saw a sea of faces in every color my 14-year-old brain went when i saw black faces in the crowd because everything that i'd known up to that point.


I expected to walk in that room and see nothing but white faces all i knew was that only white people liked this style of music i remember kind of vividly my first images so when you walk into the space right it's a long hallway and you round the corner to your left and the first thing.

You see is the main room and in that main room the very first kind of thing right here is your dance floor and my eyes focused in on this one girl she was a black girl she had shoulder-length black hair. She was wearing glasses spiked collar black lipstick cute little brats in her hair. She was wearing a band t-shirt but i could not tell you because i don't remember and i probably wouldn't know at the time because i knew nothing about the music fishnet shirt underneath. The band t-shirt with their fingers through the holes. She was wearing black sort of cut-off ripped shorts fishnet tights and combat boots and she was just passionately singing along to the song that was playing at the time and that was nine-inch nails terrible lie and the dance that she was doing. I later learned was the goth hop it was then at that very moment that i unlearned the notion, that music separates us by race music doesn't separate races in fact. it's the exact opposite it brings us all together with the music the makeup the hair the people. it was like every alternative kid from every race culture background on long island was here in attendance under one roof having a blast together everyone was welcome and everybody had this sort of demeanor. Where they truly felt comfortable you could just look at them and see that they felt like they were in their element they were comfortable they were home and they were amongst their tribe there's no tension no prejudice just a bunch of kids dressing the way that they want hanging out with the people that they want to hang out with listening to the music that they want to hear and their cup was way too busy overflowing with all of that to even think about bringing race into the equation.

 it wasn't long until i pretty much-realized kind of right away that this too was my home and as time went on as i found myself i found my place in goth and as i ventured out more to places in new york that catered to the goth subculture i found that people of color were just as much as a subculture as much as any  ther race new york is a cultural melting pot after all but this isn't something that's just intrinsic to new york this is the entire god scene and it's been that way since peter murphy sneezed out his first bat oh the message that i want to impart is black lives matter doesn't have a color and racists are posers i missed you provides huge kind steampunk outfits and accessories. Visit now Gothic Attitude and today and order your Gothic outfit and enjoy unique fashion trends at top quality and best price online store.